Il FIA Hill Climb Masters si presenta giovedì a Gubbio e coinvolge le scuole nella sicurezza stradale

L'11 ottobre doppio appuntamento alla Sala Trecentesca del Comune umbro: alle 9.45 gli alunni incontreranno i piloti Ivan Pezzolla e Simone Faggioli per parlare di regole alla guida; alle 12.00 la conferenza che svela il grande evento internazionale che nel weekend vedrà sfidarsi i campioni europei delle cronoscalate provenienti da ben 22 nazioni.

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Greetings from: Mr. Imad Lahoud (FIA Hill Climb Commission President)

Dear all,

I imagine that the hill climb world will be paying close attention to the results of the third edition of the FIA Hill Climb Masters — and not just the spectators and the drivers' support crews who will be onsite at Gubbio, but also all those who will be following the race from afar, on YouTube. As part of the efforts made by the FIA to support this great international hill climb festival, the broadcasting of the event in its entirety on YouTube has been guaranteed since the first edition in 2014, giving access to the Masters to more than just experts and hill climb aficionados. This benefits the discipline, and is a unique opportunity to reach a new audience and to showcase its assets and qualities.

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Greetings from: Mr. Filippo Mario Stirati (Mayor of Gubbio)


It is with great pride and deep satisfaction that I welcome you, together with the entire city, to the incredible appointment of the Fia Hill Climb Masters form 12 to 14 October. This will be certainly a competion but also a fantastic celebration, that will promote Gubbio as the European Capital of Hill Climb.

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Greetings from: Mr. Jean Todt (FIA President)

Dear Friends,

Welcome to the 2018 FIA Hill Climb Masters. We are pleased to organise this event in the beautiful town of Gubbio in Italy following two hugely successful previous editions in Eschorf, Luxembourg and Sternberk, Czech Republic.

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