Angelo and Pietro Barbetti Memorial Award

The Memorial Angelo and Pietro Barbetti has been the "mundane" event of the Luigi Fagioli Trophy since the Nineties. A tribute by the Organizer Committee to the city of Gubbio, to the essence of motorsport ( in fact, the award is given to a national or international figure of great importance in motorsport) and to the passion of the figures to whom it is dedicated, given that the Barbetti family is historically linked to the hill climb and to the world of city sport in general.

During the race weekend the night dedicated to the Memorial Barbetti Award is Friday, which also becomes an opportunity to remember the figure of Luigi Fagioli and meet the leaders of national motorsport and institutional representatives of the city. Very famous characters are in the list of winners who marched on the stage of the Memorial Barbetti Award, which over the years has become a real event in the event thanks to figures such as Mauro Forghieri (Ferrai Engineer), Giancarlo Minardi (Owner of Minardi F1 team), Andrea Montermini (F1 driver), Emanuele Pirro (F1 driver) and Clay Regazzoni (F1 driver). In 2017 Davide Valsecchi received the award. GP2 champion in 2012, the third driver of Lotus in F1 and well-known TV face as a commentator of F1 for Sky. Valsecchi has also participated to the Trofeo Luigi Fagioli, debuting in the hill climbs with a Mini Cooper S of the Elite Motorsport team.




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